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Hello there North Richland Hills Pool Owners!

Welcome to North Richland Hills Neighborhood Pool Cleaners, where pool owners of North Richland Hills find time to enjoy their pool with our convenient pool cleaning plans. We have a strong commitment to providing our North Richland Hills residents with quality in pool cleaning workmanship at economical rates. Finding a pool company in the North Richland Hills, TX area that cares more about customer satisfaction than we do is not possible. We want to be the best in the city which is why we offer our pool cleaning guarantee. We understand how large of a property investment your backyard pool is and want to protect it from costly repairs caused by neglect. Let North Richland Hills Neighborhood Pool Cleaners bring out the best in your pool and allow you to enjoy it more today and everyday. Being a family founded company with a strong industry background allows us to keep our purpose straightforward - provide the most principled & trustworthy workmanship in North Richland Hills Texas.

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Select from 2 Pool Cleaning Plans Expertly Designed for North Richland Hills Pools

* Our Starting at Price   ( Monthly service fee based on a four week billing cycle )

For customers who have a spa attached to your swimming pool, all pool cleaning prices quoted will include your spa and this can affect the monthly service price.

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Our North Richland Hills pool cleaning technicians use pool parts, products, equipment and supplies from top brands like Jandy, Polaris, Hayward and Pentair.

A 23 Point Pool Cleaning Plan for Pool Owners

Customers on our weekly North Richland Hills service route will get these tasks performed by a experienced technician every week.

Your Water Balance & Swimming Pool Chemicals
  1. Salt Content - checked (saltwater pools)
  2. TA (Total Alkalinity) - maintain Balance TA and stabilize the pH with sodium bi-carbonate.
  3. Total Dissolved Solids - evaluate
  4. Chloramines - maintain Hurts your eyes, we check and remove them.
  5. Cyanuric Acid (Stabilizer / Conditioner) - evaluate Adjusting to the total amount.
  6. Chlorine - maintain Disinfect the pool water.
  7. Temperature (for pH factor calculation) - evaluate Evaluate pool temp for better pH adjustments.
  8. Saturation Index - evaluate
  9. pH Factor - maintain Adjusting pool water acidity.
  10. Calcium Hardness (Water Hardness) - evaluate
  11. Total Chlorine (includes chloramines) - maintain

Pool Equipment Operations
  1. Pump strainer baskets (cleared and checked)
  2. Sweep finger screen / wall screen: operation inspection
  3. Sweep finger screen / wall screen debris bags (cleared and checked)
  4. Monthly DE filter backwashing, weekly sand filters backwashing
  5. Sweep finger screen / wall screen (cleared and checked)
  6. Valves monitored Inspected and adjusted for best pool circulation.
  7. Skimmer baskets (cleared and checked)

General Pool Cleaning
  1. Net pool surface and pool bottom *
  2. Brush walls and steps
  3. Hose Vacuum *
  4. Venturi / Leaf Vacuum *
  5. Brush spa

* Signature Pool Cleaning Plan Only

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All Pool Cleanings Backed by our Service Guarantee

The peace of mind of every North Richland Hills homeowner is important to us. See Details »

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Areas we Service

Whether you reside in the North Richland Hills 76180 or 76182 zip code (or a nearby area), we can provide you with weekly pool cleaning from our knowledgeable and dependable pool technicians.

Pool Partners

We recognize that local North Richland Hills recommendations are the best form of marketing. Therefore we also like to support up and coming companies in our field that we know do great work, like Ultimate Pool Care in Atlantic Beach, FL.

The Wonderful City of North Richland Hills

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It's Time to Enjoy your Pool Again

We look forward to the opportunity to serve you and your swimming pool. Our company stands behind our pool plans with our Pool Cleaning Guarantee.

Send us a message or call us at (817) 918-4979 if you would like to add your pool to our local route for pool cleaning or get a quote.